Alte Fotos zu neuem Leben erwecken mit PaintYourLife
19.02.2014 00:00

Soon the summer is just around the door! Time once again to clear out properly and to start a good spring cleaning. Many of us find this photos under the sofa, were lost behind the dresser and elsewhere over the year. Paint Your Life offers the perfect way those old, now a little scratched and faded photos to bring them back to life.

Let's paint the pictures of the artists at Paint Your Life by hand! The colors are significantly improved, thanks to the painting process and the picture gets its very own character! Another bonus thanks to the big screen, it can not just disappear and be forgotten. Collect the photos of last year and create your very own art wall years! Great photos from your last vacation, the last visit with Grandma and Grandpa, the family dog ​​as he plays in the snow. The possibilities are limitless and you will have a lot of fun with the family to decide which photos you would like to have painted and where they will then hang later.

No one ever said that a painting must consist of formal portraits. There is no reason not to like from the last ski holiday to bring instead of letting these photos in photo albums where you will hardly looked the fun and action-packed photos on canvas.

To paint portrait is of course nothing new but has changed quite thanks to the technology. Way the hour-long sessions are tedious makes every brush stroke in the same position while the artist. Thanks to photos of the artist can take your time and another plus point is that the person does not move - so it's easy to capture the person as realistic as possible.

There is even something for those who do not want a photo realistic portrait created a pop art canvas brings a lot of color into the home decoration. Indulge yourself in a Warhol-inspired artwork and transform the images printed on canvas .

Visit. MaleDeinLeben.com the website for a quick overview of the many works of art that are available The 20% discount that you may be currently offered to redeem the voucher code TNP13. Art lovers can hire a professional artist and get a high-quality work of art.


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